Question To Ask When Opting For Roofing

If you are planning to change the roof of your yard, you must have decided on an expert to do the work for you. But, have you asked the expert the following questions when it comes to roofing Port Lincoln? We know your answer will be no. Hence, we are making the list of the questions that you got to ask your expert today.

-Are you a licensed service provider? The answer should be yes. Don’t opt for anyone who says otherwise.

-Do you have workman’s company insurance? Most of the service providers offer this insurance. This one protects the workers from any kids of mishaps and accidents that might occur while the roofing is under process.

-What about general liability insurance? The workman insurance ensures that safety of the employees while this one ensures the safety of your property. This one is very important. Don’t overlook it. try these out

-What about the old roof? Will the service provider remove it? The answer has to be yes. After all you are hiring an expert to do your job. He is the one who should look after all the aspects once he is hired.

-What about drip edge or edge metal? Will this be installed? Well the work of this is that it helps the rainwater to fall off the roof rather than getting stuck there. This way your roof will last long and there will be no wood damage.

-Will the expert clean up the area once the roofing is done? Most of the service providers do. When the old roof will be taken off, shingles will come about that needs to be collected and disposed of. You cannot let them roll around while the new roof is being installed. Find out more about this.

-What will the experts do if there is a change in the weather and it starts to rain while the roofing is done? Well, any expert worth his salt will be well prepared for any unforeseen weather change. Most of them will carry tarpaulins that will cover your new roof while the weather gets better to resume the job in hand.

-Is there any warranty on the new roof? When you are hiring an expert, you definitely want a warranty on the roof. What is the point of getting the job done if the roof doesn’t even last a year? The warranty will ensure that you can get the roof changed if there in any kind of damage within the warranty period.